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63,000 jobs available in May, led by manufacturing

Parts assembly is the type of businesses that are hiring the largest number of workers in May, according to Employment Department data.

The department opened a website in April to allow jobless people to register themselves for Social Security Fund unemployment benefits.  

As of the end of April, 67,685 people registered themselves for the benefits and to find jobs.

The department said it found 62,790 jobs, mainly in the manufacturing sector, for jobless people with social security who have registered at its website.

Of all available jobs, a quarter involve parts assembly (15,668), followed by production (9,040), clerks and administration (5,533), salespeople and product presentation (2,651), customer service (1,527), marketing (1,375), drivers (1359), warehouses (1,108), accountants (711) and quality control (702).

The data showed vocational workers are in high demand at present to support the manufacturing sector, said Varanon Peetiwan, director of the department.

"Workers should prepare themselves accordingly. Students should also take this into consideration the trend. They should change their attitude and choose to attend vocation schools [instead of pursuing college or bachelor's degrees]," he added.