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Khon Kaen University International College

 Khon Kaen University International College

Company Profile

Khon kaen University (KKU) was one of the four regional universities established in 1964.

     It is the oldest and largest university in the Northeast of Thailand, with the greatest number of students and programs. The campus is situated in a most attractive park, covering and area of approximately 9000 hectares.

     International College, Khon Kaen University, recently established in accordance with the university's strategic plan, aims at being the leading international education center for the country especially the northeastern region and for Asia region.

     It is focused on the well-balanced integration of theories and hands-on experience.

     The students from Thailand, China, Korea, Taiwan and countries around the Mekhong sub-region will have the opportunity to enrich their learning through different methods of teaching and learning and appreciate culture diversity through classroom interactio, extra-curricula activities, exposure trips and internship within and outside of the country.


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