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Career guide

  • Inside the mind of a manager: Do I really need to change?

    26-Feb-15 : We are all familiar with the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” which advises people not to change anything as long as it still works. It is a conventional way of thinking though. Although ...

  • Working hours, overtime and vacation leave

    25-Feb-15 : We look into the basic rules and regulations related to working hours, overtime and vacation leave in Thailand. The current Thai laws provide four additional types of leave. Watch the video to find...

  • Cabinet OKs B7bn for urgent water jobs

    18-Feb-15 : The cabinet has approved about 7 billion baht from the Central Fund to implement 1,700 urgent water-management projects, Commerce Minister Chatchai Sarikulya said Wednesday. Gen Chatchai, w...

  • Job-hopping Gen Y present challenge to companies

    Job-hopping Gen Y present challenge to companies

    16-Feb-15 : Thai companies should rethink their human resource strategies as the frequent job hopping of Generation Y employees may affect corporate competency in a highly competitive job market.

  • Britain's Tesco could axe 10,000 jobs: report

    15-Feb-15 : LONDON - Troubled British supermarket giant Tesco could axe as many as 10,000 jobs under plans to shut 43 stores in a company-wide overhaul, according to British media.

  • Jobless rate tightly anchored

    Jobless rate tightly anchored

    4-Feb-15 : A mere 0.56% — that's Thailand's official unemployment rate as of year-end 2014. It's among the lowest in the world, and compares with 9.4% in India and 6% in the Philippines within the region....

  • Rural jobs creation 'boost economy'

    3-Feb-15 : The government should implement stimulus measures to boost the lacklustre economic recovery through job creation in rural areas by repairing small-scale infrastructure, says the Thailand Developmen...

  • THAI to reduce workforce 20% through attrition, buyouts

    THAI to reduce workforce 20% through attrition, buyouts

    27-Jan-15 : Thai Airways International will reduce its workforce by 20% through buyouts and attrition over the next five years, government and labour union officials said Tuesday. Transport Minister Pr...

  • Career planning and engaged employees

    12-Jan-15 : 'Coach Kriengsak, we recently completed an employee engagement survey, and one area where we did poorly in the eyes of our staff was career opportunities," Niwat tells me. "To resolve that, we need...

  • 10,000 apply for human paintball bullet tester job

    3-Jan-15 : LONDON - Some 10,000 people from around the world have applied to be shot at as a paintball bullet tester, the British company posting the job advert said.