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In 1994 the International School of the Regent’s was established by Dr. Virachai Techavijit. Beginning with 32 rental houses whereby the residents were executives of Exxon and Fluor Daniel, it inspired him to set up an international school to attract foreign engineers to work in the eastern part of Thailand. It started near Pattaya with 40 children and by 1995, the student numbers had tripled and the move was made to a larger and more peaceful facility on its present site. For the next five years the campus grew rapidly with the addition of a gymnasium, St. George’s Boarding House for Senior Boys and St. Andrews for Juniors, and the acquisition of a site for an Outdoor Education Centre on Ko Chang. With student numbers at 440 by 1999, a Pre-Nursery class was opened and A-levels were introduced.

By 2000 the growing popularity of the school led to the addition of two new campuses, The Regent’s Golf Academy in Ongkarak and The Regent’s prep school in Bangkok, which were merged a year later to form The Regent’s Bangkok Campus. The entire school became a member of the FOBISSEA organisation.

2001 saw the completion of a new Design Technology and Arts Centre for Pattaya Campus, and welcomed Mrs. Patricia Metham, from the famous Roedean School, UK, as Principal Elect. The following year the unique Global Connect Programme was expanded to include two new Bulgarian scholars, and the Regent’s School was inaugurated into the Round Square Group.

In 2003-2004 The Round Square Complex opened on Pattaya campus to accommodate the Primary School and the 440-seater Globe Theatre. Subsequently the Pattaya School was delighted to host the annual FOBISSEA Heads’ Conference in November.

In 2004-2005 the successful Global Connect Scholarship Programme continued to flourish, with an all time high of 26 students from Estonia, Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Two sister programmes, Diplomatic Connect and Ministerial Connect were introduced this year, with two children of the acting Bulgarian Ambassador and the Bhutanese Minister of Human Resources being the founding members.

The start of 2005 welcomed Andrew Bennett as the new Head of School, and the brand new IDEALS International Education Centre on Ko Chang played host to the Regional Round Square Conference. Our own Regent’s representatives were joined by 136 delegates from schools in Australia, New Zealand and Canada for a thought-provoking and challenging conference themed “Same Same But Different”. Many of the delegates stayed on to help out with our school’s Tsunami Relief project on Krabi. In addition, the Primary FOBISSEA Games found their way to Regent’s Pattaya in May.

The first term of 2005-2006 saw the appointment of Mike Walton as Headmaster of Pattaya campus, and our delegates brought home the First Prize for Service from the Melbourne Round Square Conference. In January, both Regent’s Schools celebrated their Anniversaries with a memorable Gala Evening at the Thailand Cultural Centre. We also witnessed some impressive external examination results, including the highest score in Thailand in IGCSE Additional Mathematics. Especially notable was Girish Balakrishnan’s achievement of 11 As, with 9 of them A*.

During 2006-2007 Regent’s Pattaya broke ground forming the first fully elected parent body, the Parent’s Representative Group, and running the first workshop in South East Asia for the Global Issues Network. Round Square Activities continued to develop with staff and students attending the International Conference at Gordonstoun School, Scotland, the Regional Conference in Singapore and the Junior Conference in Melbourne. In addition, our support projects for schools in Ko Phi Phi and Mae Hong Son flourished with even more primary and secondary students taking part.

In November, we hosted the FOBISSEA U13 Games. Sixteen exchange students joined us from Round Square schools in Australia, South Africa, Canada, USA and India for a term each and twelve of our own students went on return visits. Drama students attended conferences in both Beijing (October) and Penang (February), and Senior girls presented at an Empowerment of Female Leaders Conference in Singapore (November).

Following this, the 2007-2008 school year came with news of our successful 5-year IB review, and we achieved re-accreditation from the World-wide Education Service (WES). The final report stated that “students thrive in response to the rich variety of learning experiences. An excellent ethos underpins school life. Relationships are outstanding”.

Throughout the academic year students continued to impress with some outstanding exam results and all aspects of school life continued to thrive. We hosted our first senior invitational FOBISSEA tournament and our students took part in a range of international sporting competitions; our golfers even won the Thailand International Schools Junior Golf Championship.

Round Square activities continued to take centre stage with students attending conferences in Singapore (June) India (Oct) and Australia (March and April). Our International Day in March was a resounding success both in attracting the local community to celebrate our Internationalism, as well as for raising funds for our many collaborative service projects to Mae Hong Son and Ko Phi Phi.  In addition, we had our hugely successful whole-school RS week, where every single student took part in projects both locally and across Thailand. This year, new projects were set up to include our students going to Peru for earthquake re-building.

The Exchange programme continued with exchanges to Australia and students joining us from South Africa, Canada, India and Oman. All our secondary students visited our IDEALS Study Centre on Ko Chang, with Subject teachers joining the Outdoor Education staff to deliver aspects of our academic curriculum on the island.

In August 2008 student numbers reached 1000 for the first time, with boarding numbers also up. We celebrated our best ever IB Diploma results of 43 points. IGCSE results rose to 76% A* to C grades, with 30% of grades being A*/A’s. A number of students got 9 A*/A grades. Lee Jin Jeun achieved the best in Thailand for IGCSE Maths while still in Year 10.

During 2008-2009 both the Exchange programme and our long term service projects resumed strong. Our local community partnerships continued to develop and for the first time we led a Round Square project to Kenya. Students attended the Round Square Conference in Canada. As well as hosting major sporting events including the Senior Games, our students represented us at Games in Penang and Brunei. There were a wide variety of mass participation sporting and money-raising events including the Pattaya Cross Bay Swim, the 24-hour swim, the Croston House Walk, the Coin Challenge and the Burma Action Week. Our students put on high quality drama productions and hosted an ISTA Festival and Shakespeare Weekend attended by other International schools. The Spring and Summer Music Concerts illustrated the incredible enthusiasm for and participation in music that exists throughout the school. More students enrolled in the International Award Programme with success at all levels including Gold Award. The year ended with an amazing Round Square week involving all students. Amongst our normal projects were a culture trip to China and a building project in a Himalayan village in India.

IB results were very encouraging, the average points score for Diploma students was again well above the world average. Once again most students reached their first choice university in a remarkable number of countries. We were pleased with our highest ever number of A-A* grades, with some of our students achieving these in 8 or 9 subjects.

In June the Regent’s school Pattaya had the honour of welcoming their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Pavlos and Prince Nikolaos, the sons of His Majesty King Constantine, former King of Greece. They had come to discuss with our students the hosting of the International Round Square Conference in October 2010. The 16 students of the steering committee had already begun the huge task of planning the two-week conference for up to a thousand delegates from around the world.

The year 2009-2010 saw the return and growth of all of the previous year’s events, including a RS International Conference in India; as well as the installation of more new and interesting opportunities for our students. In July, Mr. Walton visited Riddlesworth Hall in Cambridgeshire, UK. This school was to become the home of the Regent’s UK. In August, the first Regent’s student embarked on a year at this new and exciting venture. The range of Primary Trips increased with the Australia exchange and many other residential opportunities to encourage the independence of our younger children.

In August 2010, IGCSE results enabled our highest ever intake into IB including further ‘best in Thailand’ and ‘best in the world’ results. A number of students achieved 10 A/A+ grades. Our IB results continued to be well above the world average.

The year 2010-2011 was by far the most anticipated in Regent’s history. The Round Square International Conference brought together 750 delegates from 23 different countries to explore ideas of community and service under the theme “We Walk Together”. The preparations for the conference were extensive and included the building of a new cafe and seating area, months of training for our student Barazza leaders, and the organisation of activities and events with five different community partners. The conference was a remarkable success and continued to inspire the students long after it was over.

The spirit of “We Walked Together” led to the establishment of a new student enterprise, GoldFish, whose passionate executives got a chance to meet the infamous Bill Gates Senior. The unfortunate flooding disaster in Thailand led to many new relief missions and fundraising events for the school, and a few student delegates were able to attend the UNESCO Youth Peace Conference in Concondian International School.

The examination results continued to impress with an overall 73% A*-C pass rate in IGCSE – a 9% increase on the previous year. Our IB students’ results were once again well above the world average, with 9% of them gaining 40+ diplomas.

In August 2012 The Regent's School Pattaya saw one of its largest and most exciting changes to date - the school became a proud member of Nord Anglia Education, a family of premium international schools.

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